1.    Pilotage Rates. The formula for calculating pilotage rates shall be:
     (LOA) Rate * LOA)+ (Beam Rate * Beam)+ (Draft Rate * Draft)+ (GRT Rate * GRT) + Docking/Undocking Fee + Pilot Boat Fee

2.   Base Rate. The initial base rate in dollars per foot/GRT/fixed fee shall be:

  Standard Rate Less than 10,000 GRT Draft Deeper than 32.0 feet
LOA Rate $1.00 $0.75 $1.00
Beam Rate $5.00 $3.75 $5.00
Draft Rate $30.00 $22.50 $35.00
GRT Rate $0.0125 $0.0100 $0.0125
Docking/Undocking Fee $300.00 $200.00 $300.00
Pilot Boat Fee $50.00 $50.00 $50.00

3.   Minimum Pilotage: The following minimum charges will apply: 
      LOA: 100 feet                           Draft: 18 feet
      Beam: 30 feet                        GRT: 5,000 GRT

4.   Additional Fees. Additional fees shall be:

            a) Detention of Pilot: An additional 25% of total pilotage fee per hour after the first half hour.

            b) Cancellation of Pilot: 25% of total pilotage fee.

            c) Shifting Fee within the Harbor. 75% of total LOA/Beam/Draft/GRT fee, plus applicable Docking/Undocking and Pilot Boat Fees.

            d) Dead Ship Movement. 150% of total pilotage fee.

            e) Late Payment Charge: 3.0% of total pilotage fee per month after 30 days from the date of invoice submission.


Docking/Undocking Fee – charged when the pilot performs the docking or undocking.

Pilot Boat Fee – shall be dedicated to a Pilot Boat Capital Fund, which will be used exclusively for pilot boat capital expenditures.

LOA Fee – determined using the maximum length overall, rounded up to the foot. The length overall for conventional tug and barge combinations, whether towing astern, alongside, or pushing ahead, shall be the combined length overall of the tug and barge. The length overall for articulated tug barge and integrated tug barge combinations shall be the length overall of the combined unit when the tug is secured in its designated pushing position.

Beam Fee – determined using the maximum waterline beam, rounded up to the foot. The beam for tug and barge combinations, whether conventional or articulated tug barge/integrated tug barge combinations, shall be the maximum waterline beam of the widest vessel contained in the unit.

Detention of Pilot – A delay in departure caused by a medical emergency will not be considered detention. A delay in arrival, departure, or shift caused by weather conditions inside Port Canaveral and/or the area offshore of Port Canaveral out to and including the pilot boarding area will not be considered a detention.

Cancellation of Pilot – Cancellation fee will be assessed for vessels on which the pilot boarding is canceled with less notice than the current pilot call-out time.

Dead Ship Movement – A dead ship movement is defined as the movement of any vessel equipped with motive power and/or steering capability when such motive power and/or steering capability is or becomes unavailable, for any reason, during any part of the vessel’s transit.